Goonhavern School Classes – 1982

Goonhavern School Class – 1982 – Miss Grant’s Class “G”

Back Row: Lisa Sturgess, Susannah Howe, Deborah Chudleigh, Cecilia Buscombe, James Robinson, Katie Ross, Darren Stephens.

Middle Row: Alan Sawmy, Rachael Sugden, Sarah Davis, Gail Brokenshire, Shelley Holland, James Frith, Donna Morris, Joannah Lutey.

Front Row: Adrian Keast, Tom Smith, Anita Stephens, Tracey Kempthorne, Stewart ?, Carrie Trevail, Ryan Hosken, Ramah Adams, Fiona Rabey.

4 thoughts on “Goonhavern School Classes – 1982”

  1. Definitely not Michael Nagappa on the end of the 2nd row. Wrong colour skin and he was in the same year as me at Goonhavern School. I’m sure that’s not Ian Grose in the front row either. Looks more like Ramah Adams to me.

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