Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1969-70

Goonhavern School Class – Circa 1969-70 – Mr Curnow’s Class

Back Row: Andrew Semmonds, Michael Easthope, Graham Manfield, Vivian Taylor, David Shepherd.

3rd Row: Mr William Curnow (Headmaster), David Grigg, David Prowse, Pamela Hocking, Karen Chandler, Julie Rickeard, Patricia Golley, Philip Peters, Michael Penna.

2nd Row: Karen Francis, Jackie Ward, Rachel Trembath, Pam Chellew, Julie Bispham, Dawn Davies, Julie Bloor, Sylvia Hutchings, Julie Hill, Julie Manfield.

Front Row: Steven Trotman, Derek Mitchell, Peter Roberts, David Bidwell, Malcolm McGuigan, Robert Harrison, Roy Eley, David Mewton, Graham Keast.

6 thoughts on “Goonhavern School Classes – Circa 1969-70”

  1. The boy in the back row second left is Michael Easthope, and, (sorry Graham), its not Kevin Taylor, but Vivian Taylor standing next to you. Kevin was his younger brother.

  2. The boy between Graham Manfield and David Shepherd in the rear row is Kevin Taylor. In the front row it’s Steven Trotman on the left and Robert Harrison is between Malcolm McGuigan and Roy Eley.

  3. Philip Peters is next to Michael Penna in the second row and it’s Graham and Julie Manfield (not Mansfield).

    1. Hi Graham. This is Bill Jackman. I used to be in 111 etc with you back in the day.
      I was just looking around FB and saw this Goonhavern school pic and wondered if you knew where Mike Penna or Steve Trotman were now?
      Hope you’re doing well

  4. back row 2 Michael Easthope 3 Graham Mansfield
    2nd row 5 Julie Bispham 6 Dawn Davis 7 Julie Bloor
    front row 1 possibly ? Trotman 3 Peter Roberts 5 Malcolm McGuigan 8 David Mewton

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